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The first
worldwide lottery

What would happen if the lottery received bets from all around the world?




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Prize: 0.00000000 BTC

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  • 0.001 BTC
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What are we?

The lottery of the future
totally digital

GoBitcoin integrates the world into a fully digital, safe and reliable draw.

We use Bitcoin technology to make payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. With Bitcoin technology we can reach everyone on the planet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are the only lottery that can have its results checked at any time. The draws are based on a formula created to be impossible to manipulate, providing equal chances for all tickets.

Sell GoBitcoin tickets and receive commission for this. Refer people and receive commissions and bonuses on up to ten levels in the exclusive Collaborative Multilevel Marketing that rewards the most in the current market.

How it works?

Random and verifiable

The winning ticket number is obtained using a mathematical formula that is impossible to manipulate.

We used as parameters the indexes of the Dow Jones stock exchange, the Hong Kong stock exchange and the total number of tickets sold. The result will always be random and can be verified by anyone, at any time.

The mathematical formula

To obtain the winning ticket number: First, we obtain the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Index (HSI) and the Dow Jones Stock Exchange Index (DJI), disregarding the spaces after the comma.

Second, we multiply the HSI index (Hong Kong exchange) by the DJI index (Dow Jones exchange)

Third, we take the result of the multiplication above and divide it by the number of tickets issued.

The remainder of the division is the number of the winning ticket, and if the remainder is equal to zero the winning ticket is the last ticket issued (with the highest number). If you want to use a common calculator, just take the spaces after the comma and multiply by the total number of tickets issued. As in the example:

HSI * DJI = 120,000, number of tickets issued = 100,000. Division results in 1.2. We take the numbers after the comma (0.2) and multiply by the number of tickets issued (100,000), we have that the ticket drawn, in this example, was the number 20,000.

In some cases, due to your calculator's rounding rules, this method may result in approximate numbers.

When do the draws take place?

Ticketing will end on Thursday. The indexes of the stock exchanges used are those of the weekly closing, which usually occurs on Fridays. The draw takes place on Saturday, 23:59, London time.


The week was planned to make the draw completely random, with the ticketing closing the day before the closing of the exchanges.

And how do I get the prize?

Download a Bitcoin wallet to your phone.

A Bitcoin wallet is used to store your Bitcoins.

  • Safety
  • Payments and receipts anywhere in the world
  • Practicality
  • You can convert your Bitcoins to your local currency at the various foreign exchange brokers

Common questions

The formula for the draw is based on three parameters, the Dow Jones stock exchange index, the Hong Kong stock exchange index and the number of tickets sold.

The only one of the three parameters that could be manipulated is the number of tickets sold, which is why this index is obtained before the weekly stock exchange closes. There is no way to manipulate the tickets sold without knowing the other indexes.

The index of the two stock exchanges is completely variable and each additional point completely changes the result, which makes the result totally random.

The chances are much greater when comparing the prize / number of tickets. As the prize never accumulates, all tickets have an equal chance of being awarded.

Considering that the ticket value is 0.001 Bitcoin and estimating the price of Bitcoin at US $ 7,000.00 (seven thousand American dollars), and even though GoBitcoin reserves 45% (forty-five percent) of the billing with the issuing of tickets for the prize, we have that for each 1000 (thousand) tickets issued we increase the prize by US $ 3,150.00 (three thousand one hundred and fifty American dollars),so far each ticket has 1 chance in 1000 to win the prize.

Scaling the numbers, in our example, to 100,000 tickets issued, we have a prize of US $ 315,000.00 (Three hundred and fifteen thousand American dollars). And for 1,000,000 tickets issued, we have a prize of US $ 3,150,000.00 (Three million one hundred and fifty thousand US dollars). One chance in 1,000,000 (one million) for each ticket, and the prize never accumulates.

In most lotteries with an equivalent prize, the odds are at least 1 to 10,000,000, and the prizes accumulate.

Recalling that the prizes are all in Bitcoin, and that the figures shown are just a hypothetical example, based on the average price of Bitcoin in the last year.

When a GoBitcoin affiliate issues tickets to the drawings, they use the their own Bitcoins and convert the amount to their local currency to facilitate ticket sales.

We chose Bitcoin for its practicality, global reach, market value (about two hundred billion US dollars) and history of more than a decade, which demonstrates its stability, security, usability and practicality.

The Multilevel Marketing system has been used by several companies for years to promote their products. This system consists of commissioning or bonus for sales made to your relationship network.

The novelty is in the word Collaborative, which consists of the methodology developed by GoBitcoin so that less experienced affiliates can count on the help of other affiliates.

At GoBitcoin, commissions for activating new users are paid up to eight levels deep, but depend on some requirements that direct affiliates to help themselves.

For the third level commission to be paid, for example, the affiliate must have at least three direct referrals that have at least three direct referrals each. This makes that little push is beneficial for everyone. And to ensure that no one will be harmed, activation comissions are at the same percentage, at all levels.

This new concept of Multilevel Marketing, in which everyone must help each other to progress, has been called Collaborative Multilevel Marketing.

GoBitcoin affiliates can issue tickets to the drawings and receive a commission of up to 45%, functioning as a real lottery ticket sales point. In addition to this opportunity, GoBitcoin Affiliates can invite new people to become affiliates and thus receive commission for the sales of these new referrals.

There are five ways of earning that can compose an extra income or a main economic activity in this new system of Multilevel Marketing, which commissions its affiliates like never before seen in the sector.

You can register through the website or the link of an active affiliate. After registration you will have access to the marketing plan, a power point presentation about GoBitcoin's ways of earning. You must become active so that you can issue tickets and invite new members, paying a fee of 0.02BTC. To remain active you will have to issue at least five tickets per draw.